Monika Flašíková Beňová date of birth:

August 15, 1968

How old is Monika Flašíková Beňová?


Where was Monika Flašíková Beňová born?

Bratislava, Czechoslovakia

What color are Monika Flašíková Beňová's eyes?


What color is Monika Flašíková Beňová's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Monika Flašíková Beňová gay or straight?


What is Monika Flašíková Beňová's ethnicity?


What is Monika Flašíková Beňová nationality?


What is Monika Flašíková Beňová's occupation?


Short Biography

Monika Flašíková-Beňová (born 15 August 1968) is a Slovak politician who has been a member of the European Parliament since 2004. She is a member of the centre-left Direction-Social Democracy party, which in turn is affiliated with the Party of European Socialists. She presently serves on the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.