Nikolai Zlobin date of birth:

March 3, 1958

How old is Nikolai Zlobin?


Where was Nikolai Zlobin born?

Moscow, Russia

Nikolai Zlobin body shape:


What color are Nikolai Zlobin's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Nikolai Zlobin's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Nikolai Zlobin gay or straight?


What is Nikolai Zlobin's ethnicity?


What is Nikolai Zlobin nationality?


What is Nikolai Zlobin's occupation?

Political scientist President of the Center on Global Interests in Washington, DC

Short Biography

Nikolai Zlobin [Rus: Николай Васильевич Злобин] (b. March 1, 1958) is a Russian political scientist, journalist and historian who has spent more than 20 years living and working in the United States. He is the author of more than a dozen books and more than 300 essays and articles on topics of 20th century history, Russian and American politics, and international security. Following a lengthy career in academia, Zlobin emerged as a leading commentator on U.S.-Russian relations. He currently serves as founder and president of the Center on Global Interests in Washington, D.C.