Owen Kline nickname(s):


Owen Kline date of birth:

October 14, 1991

How old is Owen Kline?


Where was Owen Kline born?

New York City, NY, USA

How tall is Owen Kline?

5' 10" (178 cm)

Owen Kline body shape:


What color is Owen Kline's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Owen Kline gay or straight?


What is Owen Kline's ethnicity?


What is Owen Kline nationality?


What is Owen Kline's occupation?


Owen Kline claim to fame:

The Anniversary Party

Short Biography

Owen Kline (born October 14, 1991) is an American actor. Kline was born in New York City. Kline`s only leading film role to date was in the 2005 film The Squid and the Whale, a part given to him at the suggestion of family friend Jennifer Jason Leigh, director Noah Baumbach`s then-girlfriend, now-wife. He was also featured in the Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cummings film; The Anniversary Party, where he played the son of his real father and mother Kevin Kline & Phoebe Cates.