What is Paul Valentine's full name?

William Daixel (IMDB) Valia Valentinoff ( Wikipedia)

Paul Valentine nickname(s):

Val Valentine, Valia Valentinoff, Vladimir Valentinov, Pietro Monetti, Valya Valentinoff, William Daixel

Paul Valentine date of birth:

March 23, 1919

How old was Paul Valentine when died?


Where was Paul Valentine born?

New York City, New York, USA

When did Paul Valentine die?

January 27, 2006

Where did Paul Valentine die?

Los Angeles, California, USA

Why did Paul Valentine die?

Natural Causes

Is Paul Valentine gay or straight?


What is Paul Valentine's ethnicity?


What is Paul Valentine nationality?


What is Paul Valentine's occupation?

dancer, singer actor and choreographer

Short Biography

Valia Valentinoff (also known as Val Valentine) actor and choreographer. He was married to Lili St. Cyr from 1946–50 and danced opposite her on stage.