What is R. G. Surdam's full name?

Royce Gaylord Surdam

R. G. Surdam date of birth:

August 11, 1835

How old was R. G. Surdam when died?


Where was R. G. Surdam born?

Dutchess County, New York, USA

When did R. G. Surdam die?

September 2, 1891

Why did R. G. Surdam die?

Laudanum overdose

What is R. G. Surdam nationality?


What is R. G. Surdam's occupation?

Real estate agent/developer

Short Biography

Royce Gaylord Surdam (August 11, 1835 – September 2, 1891) was an American businessman, real estate agent and developer. He did a lot to build up Ventura County, California, and was the founder of the towns of Nordhoff, which was later renamed Ojai, and Bardsdale. Surdam never married, was a Royal Arch Mason and a staunch Republican.