What is Ralph Sipperly's full name?

Ralph Wilson Sipperly

Ralph Sipperly nickname(s):

Ralph Sipperly, Ralph Wilson Sipperly, Ralph Sipperley, Ralph W. Sipperly

Ralph Sipperly date of birth:

May 9, 1890

How old was Ralph Sipperly when died?


Where was Ralph Sipperly born?

Rochester, New York

When did Ralph Sipperly die?

January 9, 1928

Where did Ralph Sipperly die?

Bangor, Maine USA

Why did Ralph Sipperly die?


Ralph Sipperly body shape:


What color are Ralph Sipperly's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Ralph Sipperly's hair?

Brown - Dark

Ralph Sipperly distinctive features:

Looks like Bill Murray

Is Ralph Sipperly gay or straight?


What is Ralph Sipperly's ethnicity?


What is Ralph Sipperly nationality?


What is Ralph Sipperly's occupation?


Ralph Sipperly claim to fame:

he barber in the Academy Award winning film Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927).

Short Biography

Ralph Sipperly was born in 1890 as Ralph Wilson Sipperly. He was an actor, known for Sunrise (1927), Eight-Cylinder Bull (1926) and Car Shy (1927). He died on January 9, 1928 in Bangor, Maine, USA.