Birth year 1890 celebrities

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Birth year 1890

James Rennie Facts

Dan Wolheim Facts

Joseph N. Welch Facts

Joseph Nye Welch (October 22, 1890 – October 6, 1960) was the chief counsel for the United States Army while it was under investigation for Communist activities by Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, an invest

Helen Arnold Facts

Helen Prettyman Arnold was a silent film actress who appeared in motion pictures from 1916 – 1918.

Dorothy Vaughan Facts

If Dorothy Vaughan appeared in 143 movies or episodes of TV series, it was certainly not by accident. Actually the reason why this lively stout lady was in such demand is that she was the spitting image of the woman next door, of the hospital nurse w

Zora Cross Facts

Zora Bernice May Cross (18 May 1890 – 22 January 1964) was an Australian poet, novelist and journalist.

Loring Smith Facts

Loring B. Smith (November 18, 1890—July 8, 1981) was an American stage, film, radio and television actor, frequently of broadly comic and gregarious characters who enjoyed a 65-year career in every aspect of the entertainment business.

Clyde De Vinna Facts

Clyde De Vinna (born July 13, 1890 in Sedalia, Missouri, died July 26, 1953 in Los Angeles, California) was an American film and television cinematographer and director of photography. He won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography for White Shadow

Lila Leslie Facts

Lila Leslie (1 January 1890 – 8 September 1940) was a Scottish actress of the silent era. She appeared in 71 films between 1913 and 1933. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland and died in Los Angeles, California.

Fred Thomson Facts

Frederick Clifton Thomson (February 26, 1890 – December 25, 1928) was an American silent film cowboy who rivaled Tom Mix in popularity before dying at age 38 of tetanus.

Fritz Mannheimer Facts

Fritz Sjölin Mannheimer (19 September 1890 – 9 August 1939) was a German-born and, from 1936, Dutch banker and art collector who was the director of the Amsterdam branch of the Berlin-based investment bank Mendelssohn & Co. that was for some time

Billy DeBeck Facts

William Morgan DeBeck (April 15, 1890 – November 11, 1942), better known as Billy DeBeck, was an American cartoonist. He is most famous as the creator of the comic strip Barney Google, later retitled Barney Google and Snuffy Smith. The strip was e