Rein Raamat date of birth:

March 20, 1931

How old is Rein Raamat?


Where was Rein Raamat born?

Turi, Estonia

Rein Raamat body shape:


What color are Rein Raamat's eyes?


What color is Rein Raamat's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Rein Raamat gay or straight?


What is Rein Raamat's ethnicity?


What is Rein Raamat nationality?


What is Rein Raamat's occupation?

Film Director

Short Biography

Rein Raamat (born 20 March 1931) is an Estonian animation film director, artist and screenwriter. He is the first internationally successful Estonian animator and along with Elbert Tuganov is regarded as the "Father of Estonian Animation". He has directed many short animated films since the early 1970s and also produced over 20 documentary films.