What is Rich Hinton's middle name?


What is Rich Hinton's full name?

Richard Michael Hinton

Rich Hinton date of birth:

May 22, 1947

How old is Rich Hinton?


Where was Rich Hinton born?

Tucson, AZ

How tall is Rich Hinton?

6' 2" (188 cm)

How much does Rich Hinton weigh?

185 lbs (83.9 kg)

What is Rich Hinton nationality?


Where did Rich Hinton go to school?

Marana (Tucson, AZ)

Where did Rich Hinton go to university?

University of Arizona

What is Rich Hinton's occupation?

Former Major League Baseball Player

Short Biography

Richard Michael Hinton is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. He pitched parts of six seasons between 1971 and 1979, including three separate stints with the Chicago White Sox.