What is Richard Haydn's full name?

George Richard Haydon

Richard Haydn date of birth:

March 10, 1905

How old was Richard Haydn when died?


Where was Richard Haydn born?

Camberwell, London

When did Richard Haydn die?

April 25, 1985

Where did Richard Haydn die?

Los Angeles, California

Why did Richard Haydn die?

Heart attack

Richard Haydn distinctive features:

In his most comic roles, he deliberately makes himself sound as if he were talking through his nose.

Is Richard Haydn gay or straight?


What is Richard Haydn's ethnicity?


What is Richard Haydn nationality?


What is Richard Haydn's occupation?


Short Biography

Richard Haydn (10 March 1905 – 25 April 1985) was an English comic actor in radio, films and television. Some of his better known performances include Ball of Fire (1941) as Professor Oddley, No Time for Love (1943) as Roger, And Then There Were None (1945) as Thomas Rogers, The Emperor Waltz (1948), Alice in Wonderland (1951) as the Caterpillar, as Baron Popoff in The Merry Widow (1952), and The Sound of Music (1965) as Maximilian Detweiler.