What is Robert B. Mantell's middle name?


Robert B. Mantell date of birth:

February 7, 1854

How old was Robert B. Mantell when died?


Where was Robert B. Mantell born?

Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK

When did Robert B. Mantell die?

June 27, 1928

Where did Robert B. Mantell die?

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, USA

Why did Robert B. Mantell die?

Heart Attack

Is Robert B. Mantell gay or straight?


What is Robert B. Mantell's ethnicity?


What is Robert B. Mantell nationality?


What is Robert B. Mantell's occupation?


Short Biography

Robert Bruce Mantell (February 7, 1854 – June 27, 1928) was a heralded Shakespearean stage actor who made several silent films. His mother was Elizabeth Bruce Mantell who objected to her son becoming an actor so he used the name 'Robert Hudson' early in his career. Mantell first came to the United States in 1874 and stayed two weeks with no theatrical success. He returned in 1878 in support of Helena Modjeska but didn't stay. In 1883 he found success on Broadway supporting Fanny Davenport as her leading man in Fedora. For the remainder of his theatrical career he played Shakespeare and high class drama. Mantell was also famous for having had many marriages and he often performed with his wives in Shakespearean productions. His last wife, Genevieve Hamper (1888–1971), was 35 years his junior, and bore him a son Bruce Mantell Jr. (1912–1933).