What is Ruben Simonov's full name?

Ruben Nikolaevich Simonyants

Ruben Simonov nickname(s):

Рубен Николаевич Симонов, Ruben Simonov, Ruben Nikolaevich Simonyants, Rouben Simonov

Ruben Simonov date of birth:

April 1, 1899

How old was Ruben Simonov when died?


Where was Ruben Simonov born?

Moscow, Russian Empire [now Russia]

When did Ruben Simonov die?

December 5, 1968

Where did Ruben Simonov die?

Moscow, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia]

What is Ruben Simonov nationality?


What is Ruben Simonov's occupation?


Short Biography

Ruben Simonov (Russian: Рубен Николаевич Симонов (April 1, 1899 in Moscow – December 5, 1968 in Moscow) was a Soviet artist and director, Peoples Artist of the USSR, Professor. Awarded by the State Prize of the USSR title (1943, 1947, 1950).