Sarah Blake date of birth:

August 21, 1980

How old is Sarah Blake?


Where was Sarah Blake born?

Terra Haute, Indiana

How tall is Sarah Blake?

5' 1" (155 cm)

How much does Sarah Blake weigh?

105 lbs (47.6 kg)

Sarah Blake body shape:


What color is Sarah Blake's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Sarah Blake gay or straight?


What is Sarah Blake's ethnicity?


What is Sarah Blake nationality?


What is Sarah Blake's occupation?


Short Biography

Sarah Blake (born in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA) is a porn star. Sara entered the industry unintentionally when she visited Los Angles, California in 2003. She intended to stay in the area for only thirty days. In an interview, she stated that "[m]y plan was to go to LA, have a wild adventure, and come back home and go to college. When I went to LA, everything was fantastic and I ended up staying and moving out there."In May 14, 2008, Sarah took a several month hiatus to have a br**st augmentation surgery. This surgery took her from being a B-cup to a full C-cup. On her official blog, she explained that she had the face and legs of her beautiful mother and grandmother, but the abdomen of her father. This surgery was supposed to make her abdomen like her mother's.