Scott Sorry date of birth:

October 30, 1978

How old is Scott Sorry?


Where was Scott Sorry born?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Scott Sorry body shape:


What color are Scott Sorry's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Scott Sorry's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Scott Sorry's ethnicity?


What is Scott Sorry nationality?


What is Scott Sorry's occupation?

Musician, Songwriter

Scott Sorry claim to fame:

The Wildhearts

What genre is Scott Sorry's work?

Punk rock, hard rock

What instruments does Scott Sorry play?

Bass, guitar, vocals

Short Biography

Scott Sorry (born October 30, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American musician best known as the bass player for The Wildhearts. As well as playing with The Wildhearts, Sorry has his own group, Sorry and the Sinatras, and has played with Amen and Brides of Destruction.