Sebnem Sönmez date of birth:

June 5, 1968

How old is Sebnem Sönmez?


Where was Sebnem Sönmez born?

Pendik, Istanbul

What is Sebnem Sönmez nationality?


What is Sebnem Sönmez's occupation?


Short Biography

Şebnem Sönmez (born 5 June 1968, Istanbul) is a Turkish theater, movie and television actress. She started her career playing in theater in the Istanbul Pendik Youth Theatre while still a high school student. She performed in groups such as Kartal Art Theatre and Taner Barlas Mim Theatre. After completing and having her diploma from Istanbul State Conservatory, she worked in Dormen Theatre. She then moved on to television roles as she continued her theater experience in Besiktas Cultural Center. She has also taught theater at the kindergarten through high school level and founded the "Yaz Tiyatrosu" (Summer Theatre) group in her school while she continued her acting work.