Simon Majumdar body shape:


What color are Simon Majumdar's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Simon Majumdar's hair?


What is Simon Majumdar's ethnicity?


What is Simon Majumdar nationality?


What is Simon Majumdar's occupation?

Food Writer

Simon Majumdar claim to fame:

Iron Chef America

Short Biography

Simon Majumdar is a British-American author, and television personality. He was brought up in Rotherham, South Yorkshire and has previously worked as a book publisher. He has appeared as a judge on the Food Network shows Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America, All Star Academy and The Next Iron Chef. He has written books titled "Fed, White, and Blue", "Eat My Globe", and "Eating For Britain". Majumdar is severely allergic to coffee and oysters; consequently, neither of these ingredients are used in any competition judged by him. He became a citizen of the United States on September 17, 2014.