Where was Sin Quirin born?

Los Angeles, California, United States

Sin Quirin body shape:


What color are Sin Quirin's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Sin Quirin's hair?


What is Sin Quirin's ethnicity?


What is Sin Quirin's occupation?

Guitar, Bass, Synth

Sin Quirin claim to fame:

Ministry Tactics

What genre is Sin Quirin's work?

Industrial, Alternative metal

What instruments does Sin Quirin play?

Guitar, Bass, keyboards

Who has Sin Quirin worked with?

Al Jorgensen, Mike Scaccia, Paul Raven, Steve Gaines, Eddie Livingston, Gene Simmons

Short Biography

Sin Quirin is a two-time Grammy nominated guitar player from LA. Sin is a member of Ministry and a primary songwriter on the 2007 Ministry album The Last Sucker and 2013's From Beer to Eternity.

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