Swen Swenson date of birth:

January 23, 1932

How old was Swen Swenson when died?


Where was Swen Swenson born?

Inwood, Iowa, USA

When did Swen Swenson die?

July 23, 1993

Where did Swen Swenson die?

Los Angeles, California, USA

Why did Swen Swenson die?

Aids (related complications)

Is Swen Swenson gay or straight?


What is Swen Swenson nationality?


What is Swen Swenson's occupation?

Broadway dancer, singer, LGBT advocate

Swen Swenson claim to fame:

Nominated for Broadway's 1963 Tony Award as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Musical) for "Little Me

Short Biography

Swen Swenson (1932–1993) was a Broadway dancer and singer. Born in Inwood, Iowa, Swenson was trained by dancer Mira Rostova and at the School of American Ballet.