What is Clyde De Vinna's middle name?


Clyde De Vinna date of birth:

July 13, 1890

How old was Clyde De Vinna when died?


Where was Clyde De Vinna born?

Sedalia, Missouri

When did Clyde De Vinna die?

July 26, 1953

What is Clyde De Vinna nationality?


What is Clyde De Vinna's occupation?

Cinematographer Director of photography

Short Biography

Clyde De Vinna (born July 13, 1890 in Sedalia, Missouri, died July 26, 1953 in Los Angeles, California) was an American film and television cinematographer and director of photography. He won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography for White Shadows in the South Seas presented by American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1930 at their 2nd Academy Awards show.