What is Al Christy's full name?

Albert Christopher Ladesich

Al Christy date of birth:

September 7, 1918

How old was Al Christy when died?


Where was Al Christy born?

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

When did Al Christy die?

March 3, 1995

Where did Al Christy die?

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Al Christy body shape:


What is Al Christy's ethnicity?


What is Al Christy nationality?


What is Al Christy's occupation?

Actor, Advertising

Al Christy claim to fame:

When Harry Met Sally...

Short Biography

Albert Christopher Ladesich (September 7, 1918 – March 3, 1995), better known as Al Christy, was an American actor, advertising executive, and radio and television announcer.