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Death year 1950

John Elof Boodin Facts

John Elof Boodin (November 14, 1869 – November 14, 1950) was a Swedish-born American philosopher and educator. He was the author of numerous books proposing a systematic interpretation of nature. Boodin’s work preserved the tradition of philosophic

Xi Qia Facts

Aisin-Gioro Xiqia (Aisin-Gioro Hsi-hsia; Chinese: 愛新覺羅·熙洽; pinyin: Àixīnjuéluó Xīqià; Wade–Giles: Ai4-hsin1-chüeh2-lo2 Hsi1-ch’ia4; 1883–1950), commonly known monomymously as Xi Qia or Xi Xia (Hsi Hsia; Chinese: 熙洽; pinyin

Thor Modéen Facts

Thor Modéen (22 January 1898 – 28 May 1950) was a Swedish actor and comedian. He appeared in 88 films between 1923 and 1950. He often worked with fellow comedians Åke Söderblom and John Botvid.

Vaslav Nijinsky Facts

Vaslav Nijinsky (also Vatslav; Russian: Ва́цлав Фоми́ч Нижи́нский; Polish: Wacław Niżyński; 12 March 1889/1890 – 8 April 1950) was a Russian ballet dancer and choreographer of Polish descent, cited as the greatest male da

Joe Bordeaux Facts

Joe Bordeaux (9 March 1886 – 10 September 1950) was an American film actor. He appeared in 73 films between 1914 and 1940.

Florence Arliss Facts

Irene Haisman Facts

Irene Haisman was born on March 7, 1897 in Rochester, England. She was an actress, known for Niobe (1915), The Time, the Place and the Girl (1929) and Slander the Woman (1923). She was married to George Eldredge and Reginald Denny. She died on August

Albert MacQuarrie Facts

Albert MacQuarrie (January 8, 1882, San Francisco – February 17, 1950, California) was an American silent film actor.

Cesare Pavese Facts

Charlie Ross Facts

Charles Griffith Ross (November 9, 1885 – December 5, 1950), was a White House Press Secretary between 1945 and 1950 for President Harry S. Truman.

Katherine Grey Facts

Katherine Grey (1873 – March 21, 1950) was a Broadway actress in New York City.

Symona Boniface Facts

Symona Farner Boniface (March 5, 1894 – September 2, 1950) was an American film actress, most frequently seen in bit parts in comedy shorts, mostly at Columbia Pictures, particularly those of The Three Stooges. She appeared in 120 films between 192