What is John Elof Boodin's middle name?


What is John Elof Boodin's full name?

John Elof Boodin

John Elof Boodin nickname(s):

John Elof Boodin

John Elof Boodin date of birth:

November 14, 1869

How old was John Elof Boodin when died?


Where was John Elof Boodin born?

Pjätteryd Parish in Älmhult, Kronoberg County, Sweden

When did John Elof Boodin die?

November 14, 1950

What is John Elof Boodin nationality?


Where did John Elof Boodin go to university?

Brown University , Harvard University .

What is John Elof Boodin's occupation?


Short Biography

John Elof Boodin (November 14, 1869 – November 14, 1950) was a Swedish-born American philosopher and educator. He was the author of numerous books proposing a systematic interpretation of nature. Boodin's work preserved the tradition of philosophical idealism within the framework of contemporary science. Boodin also focused on the social nature of human behavior believing an understanding required an appreciation of individual participation in social life and interpersonal relationship.