Tamer Hosny nickname(s):

Star of Generation نجم الجيل

Tamer Hosny date of birth:

August 16, 1978

How old is Tamer Hosny?


Where was Tamer Hosny born?

Cairo, Egypt

Tamer Hosny body shape:


What color are Tamer Hosny's eyes?


What color is Tamer Hosny's hair?


Is Tamer Hosny gay or straight?


What religion is Tamer Hosny?


What is Tamer Hosny's ethnicity?

Middle Eastern

What is Tamer Hosny nationality?


What is Tamer Hosny's occupation?

Singer, Actor, Composer, Director, Songwriter

Short Biography

Tamer Hosny (Arabic: تامر حسنى‎, born August 16, 1977) is an Egyptian singer, actor, composer, director, songwriter. Hosny first came to attention, when he appeared on mix tapes with other Egyptian artists. He launched his solo career with the 2004 album Hob, becoming a successful singer of romantic music and earning the nickname "Star of Jeel" from his fans.