What is Terra Jole's full name?

Terra Jole Odmark

Terra Jole date of birth:

May 25, 1980

How old is Terra Jole?


Where was Terra Jole born?

Comal County, TX

How tall is Terra Jole?

4' 2" (127 cm)

What color are Terra Jole's eyes?


What color is Terra Jole's hair?


What is Terra Jole's ethnicity?


What is Terra Jole nationality?


What is Terra Jole's occupation?

Mini Britney Spears, Reality Stars

Terra Jole claim to fame:

Little Women: L>A>

Short Biography

Terra Jolé Odmark (born on May 25, 1980 in Comal County, Texas) is a reality television personality known for Little Women: LA and its spinoffs and Dancing with the Stars. She stands at 4’2” as a person with dwarfism.