Tim Maddren date of birth:

March 3, 1984

How old is Tim Maddren?


Where was Tim Maddren born?

Blenheim, New Zealand

Tim Maddren body shape:


Is Tim Maddren gay or straight?


What is Tim Maddren's ethnicity?


What is Tim Maddren nationality?

New Zealander

Where did Tim Maddren go to university?

Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

What is Tim Maddren's occupation?

Entertainer, Singer, Actor

Who has Tim Maddren worked with?

Lauren Brant (singer)

Short Biography

Tim Maddren (born in Blenheim, New Zealand on March 3, 1984) is a New Zealand musician best known as a musician on the Australian children's television program Hi-5. He was a replacement for Nathan Foley in 2009, His replacement is Ainsley Melham in 2013. As with Fely Irvine and Casey Burgess, Maddren worked at Hi-5 in three seasons (135 episodes).