What is Tom Gilson's full name?

Thomas Peter Gilson

Tom Gilson date of birth:

January 6, 1934

How old was Tom Gilson when died?


Where was Tom Gilson born?

New York City, New York, USA

When did Tom Gilson die?

October 6, 1962

Where did Tom Gilson die?

Van Nuys, California, USA

Why did Tom Gilson die?


Tom Gilson body shape:


What is Tom Gilson's ethnicity?


What is Tom Gilson nationality?


What is Tom Gilson's occupation?


Tom Gilson claim to fame:

Young And Wild (1958) .... Bruce `Beejay` Phillips

Short Biography

Tom Gilson (New York City, New York; January 6, 1934-Van Nuys, California; October 6, 1962) was an American actor in TV and occasional films from the 1950s, who was shot dead by his wife, model and actress Sandra Edwards, on October 6, 1962.