What is Trixie Friganza's full name?

Delia O`Callahan

Trixie Friganza nickname(s):

The Champagne Girl

Trixie Friganza date of birth:

November 29, 1870

How old was Trixie Friganza when died?


Where was Trixie Friganza born?

Grenola, Kansas, USA

When did Trixie Friganza die?

February 27, 1955

Why did Trixie Friganza die?

Flintridge, California, USA

How tall is Trixie Friganza?

5' 4½" (164 cm)

Trixie Friganza body shape:


Is Trixie Friganza gay or straight?


What religion is Trixie Friganza?

Roman Catholic

What is Trixie Friganza's ethnicity?


What is Trixie Friganza nationality?


What is Trixie Friganza's occupation?


Trixie Friganza claim to fame:

No Wedding Bells for Me

Short Biography

Trixie Friganza (November 29, 1870 – February 27, 1955), born Delia O’Callaghan, began her career as an operetta soubrette, working her way from the chorus to starring in musical comedies to having her own feature act on the vaudeville circuit.