What is Willy Böckl's full name?

Wilhelm Richard Böckl

Willy Böckl nickname(s):

Willy Boeckl, Willi Böckl, William Boeckl

Willy Böckl date of birth:

January 27, 1893

How old was Willy Böckl when died?


Where was Willy Böckl born?

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Kärnten, Austria

When did Willy Böckl die?

April 22, 1975

Where did Willy Böckl die?

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Kärnten, Austria

What is Willy Böckl nationality?


Where did Willy Böckl go to university?

University Of Vienna, Austria

What is Willy Böckl's occupation?

Figure Skater, Skating Coach, International Skating Judge, Author, Mathematician, Shipbuilding Engineer

Willy Böckl claim to fame:

Olympic medalist, World champion, European champion; The Inventor Of The Inside Axel

Short Biography

Willy Böckl (January 27, 1893 – April 22, 1975) was an Austrian figure skater. He won the World Figure Skating Championships four times and captured two silver medals at the Winter Olympics.