What is Yuri Pavlenko's middle name?


What is Yuri Pavlenko's full name?

Yuri Oleksijovytch Pavlenko

Yuri Pavlenko date of birth:

March 20, 1975

How old is Yuri Pavlenko?


Where was Yuri Pavlenko born?


Yuri Pavlenko body shape:


What color are Yuri Pavlenko's eyes?


What color is Yuri Pavlenko's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Yuri Pavlenko gay or straight?


What religion is Yuri Pavlenko?

Russian Orthodox

What is Yuri Pavlenko's ethnicity?


What is Yuri Pavlenko nationality?


Where did Yuri Pavlenko go to university?

Kiev University (historical) 1997, North London University (political) 1998, Ukrainian National Academy of Government 1999

What is Yuri Pavlenko's occupation?

Government person

Yuri Pavlenko claim to fame:

Minister for Family, Youth and Sport affairs in Ukraine

Short Biography

President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko appointed Yuri Pavlenko (Our Ukraine party – ed.) the governor of Zhitomyr region. The corresponding decree is published on the official site of the President. Yushchenko decreed to dismiss Pavlenko from the post of presidential advisor, on which he was appointed December 8, 2006. Heretofore Yuri Pavlenko held the post of Minister for Youth, Family and Sport affairs. November 29 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine dismissed him from this office in accordance with his resignation application. Pavlenko motivated his resignation by Our Ukraine’s move to the opposition to the government in force.December 12 the President dismissed Yuri Andriychuk from the post of the governor of Zhytomyr region and appointed him the president’s advisor.