What is E Life's full name?

Elvis de Oliveira

E Life nickname(s):

E-Life, Elvis de Oliveira, Elife

Where was E Life born?

Rotterdam, Netherlands

What is E Life's occupation?

Rapper, radio DJ

What genre is E Life's work?

Hiphop, Mainstream hardcore

What instruments does E Life play?


Short Biography

E-Life (real name Elvis de Oliveira) is a rapper from Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is also a DJ for radio station Juize FM.E-Life started his music career with rap crew Dope Syndicate. DJ Raw Deal's move to the United States in 1995 prompted E-Life to go solo, touring through Europe. His first solo single, Stacked With Honors, came out a year later, in 1996. The song received a lot of airplay on the radio, but didn't make it to the charts. It was nominated for best hiphop song for the 1997 TMF Awards, and it allowed E-Life to perform with LL Cool J, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Ice Cube, the Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Blackstreet and Run DMC.His second single, More Days To Come (1998) was E-Life's biggest hit, reaching sixth place in the Dutch charts. Its successors I Wonder Why and In Doubt '99 (both 1999) didn't make it to the Dutch charts, while K.I.T.A. (Bring It On) would drop from the charts after two weeks.His second album, E=MC², was distributed throughout Europe. The album features contributions from Michael Franti and Postmen.From 2002-2004, E-Life acted as the musical sidekick to comic Tom Rhodes on the late-night talk show Kevin Masters Show starring Tom Rhodes which aired on the Dutch Yorin television station.

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