What is Eliott Rodriguez's full name?

Eliott Rodriguez

Eliott Rodriguez date of birth:

June 15, 1956

How old is Eliott Rodriguez?


Where was Eliott Rodriguez born?

New York City, New York, United States

Eliott Rodriguez body shape:


What color are Eliott Rodriguez's eyes?


What color is Eliott Rodriguez's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Eliott Rodriguez gay or straight?


What is Eliott Rodriguez's ethnicity?


What is Eliott Rodriguez nationality?


What is Eliott Rodriguez's occupation?

Journalist, actor

Eliott Rodriguez claim to fame:

Rodriguez received two Emmy Awards for local news reporting in 2001 and 2004 and two Edward R. Murrow Awards

Short Biography

Eliott Rodriguez (born 1956-06-15 in New York) is a Cuban-American television journalist who has received two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow Awards.