Fadel Fadel date of birth:

October 6, 1914

How old was Fadel Fadel when died?


Where was Fadel Fadel born?

Sumidouro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When did Fadel Fadel die?

September 23, 1969

Where did Fadel Fadel die?

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fadel Fadel body shape:


What color is Fadel Fadel's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Fadel Fadel gay or straight?


What is Fadel Fadel's ethnicity?


What is Fadel Fadel nationality?


What is Fadel Fadel's occupation?

Football player

Short Biography

Fadel Fadel (October 6, 1914 – September 23, 1969) is a former president of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. Flamengo's Parque Aquático Fadel Fadel (Fadel Fadel Aquatic Park) is named in his honor.