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Fiona Cabaye Spouse - Wife of player and trump card of the 2014 World Cup, Fiona Cabaye comes out of the shadows today.Former GO at Club Med, the life of Fiona Cabaye takes a decisive turn when she meets the one who will become the man of his life. During the summer of 2008, Yohan Cabaye , then a football player at LOSC Lille, stayed with his family in Corsica. Fiona, who makes a season on the island of beauty, dines every night with the GM (nice members) of the Club. She finds herself at the player's table, and the thunderbolt is immediate. A few months later, Fiona changed her life and moved to Lille not to leave her (future) husband.She adapts little by little to the life of a footballer's wife and follows her husband at the whim of his transfers. After the north of France, the couple settled in England in Newcastle in 2011 before returning to Paris in January 2014. Shopping and fashion fan (like Victoria Beckham to whom it is compared) she paces the shops To the arms of Yohan who shares his passion. Fiona Cabaye is very close to another woman of player, Ludivine Debuchy, of which she met when their husbands evolved in the Lille club. She shares her good humor and her personal clich├ęs on her Twitter account.Fiona and Yohan Cabaye celebrated their wedding on 19 June 2010 in the south of France. They have two daughters, Myla (born 24/12/2009) and Charlize (born 01/09/2013). Fiona gives birth to their third daughter on May 27, 2015, named Romy. But the couple separates in 2016.

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