Jimmy Bivins date of birth:

December 6, 1919

How old was Jimmy Bivins when died?


Where was Jimmy Bivins born?

Dry Branch, Georgia, United States

When did Jimmy Bivins die?

July 4, 2012

Short Biography

James Louis Bivins, (December 6, 1919 – July 4, 2012) was an American heavyweight boxer whose professional career ran from 1940 to 1955. He was born in Dry Branch, Georgia. Although he was never given the opportunity to fight for a world title, despite at one point being the number one contender in both the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions, Bivins fought and defeated many of the great fighters of his era and won the "Duration" Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight titles. In recognition of his achievements in the ring - among other things, he defeated eight of the eleven world champions he faced - Bivins was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1999. He was also the one-time husband of Dollree Mapp, the subject of prominent Supreme Court case regarding the rights of search and seizures.