What is Joseph Calleia's full name?

Giuseppe Maria Spurrin-Calleja

Joseph Calleia date of birth:

August 4, 1897

How old was Joseph Calleia when died?


Where was Joseph Calleia born?

Saqqajja Square, Rabat, Malta

When did Joseph Calleia die?

October 31, 1975

Where did Joseph Calleia die?

Valletta, Malta

Why did Joseph Calleia die?

Heart Attack

How tall is Joseph Calleia?

5' 10" (178 cm)

Joseph Calleia body shape:


What color is Joseph Calleia's hair?


Is Joseph Calleia gay or straight?


What is Joseph Calleia's ethnicity?


What is Joseph Calleia nationality?


What is Joseph Calleia's occupation?


Joseph Calleia claim to fame:


Who is Joseph Calleia's father?

Pasquele Calleja

Who is Joseph Calleia's mother?

Elena Calleja

Short Biography

Joseph Calleia (born Joseph Alexander Caesar Herstall Vincent Calleja, August 4, 1897 – October 31, 1975) was a Maltese-born American actor and singer on the stage and in films, radio and television. After serving in the British Transport Service during World War I he came to the United States and began his career on the stage, initially in musical comedy, but later in such notable original Broadway productions as Broadway (1926), The Front Page (1928), The Last Mile (1930), and Grand Hotel (1930). Calleia became a star with the play Small Miracle (1934), his first real role as a heavy, and he was put under contract by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Calleia excelled as the villain in Hollywood films, but he fought against typecasting and created a succession of darkly mysterious characters edged with humor in films including Algiers (1938), Five Came Back (1939), Golden Boy (1939), The Glass Key (1942) and Gilda (1946). During World War II Calleia led the Malta War Relief organization in the U.S. After the war he continued to work steadily in motion pictures and television, and he starred in the 1948 London stage premiere of Arthur Miller's Tony Award-winning play, All My Sons. Calleia's performance in Orson Welles's 1958 film Touch of Evil is regarded as one of the best in his career.