What is Karol Sevilla's middle name?


What is Karol Sevilla's full name?

Karol Itzitery Piña Cisneros

Karol Sevilla date of birth:

November 9, 1999

How old is Karol Sevilla?


Where was Karol Sevilla born?

Mexico City, Mexico

How tall is Karol Sevilla?

5' 1" (155 cm)

Karol Sevilla body shape:


What color are Karol Sevilla's eyes?


What color is Karol Sevilla's hair?

Brown - Dark

Karol Sevilla distinctive features:

Big Beautiful Eyes And Smile

Is Karol Sevilla gay or straight?


What is Karol Sevilla's ethnicity?


What is Karol Sevilla nationality?


Where did Karol Sevilla go to school?

Child Center for Arts Education of Televisa

Where did Karol Sevilla go to university?

Centro de Educación Artística

What is Karol Sevilla's occupation?

Actress, Singer

Karol Sevilla claim to fame:

Soy Luna

Short Biography

Karol Itzitery Piña Cisneros (born November 9, 1999), better known under the stage name of Karol Sevilla, is a Mexican actress and singer. She first became known for playing various roles in the series La rosa de Guadalupe. She currently plays the title character in the series Soy Luna.