What is Kat Torres's middle name?


What is Kat Torres's full name?

Katiuscia Torres Soares

Kat Torres date of birth:

October 10, 1988

How old is Kat Torres?


Where was Kat Torres born?

Belem, Para, Brazil

How tall is Kat Torres?

5' 8" (173 cm)

Kat Torres body shape:


What color are Kat Torres's eyes?


What color is Kat Torres's hair?


Is Kat Torres gay or straight?


What is Kat Torres's ethnicity?


What is Kat Torres nationality?


What is Kat Torres's occupation?

Fashion Model

Kat Torres claim to fame:

rumour affair with Leonardo DiCaprio

Kat Torres agent:

Elite Model Management - Miami, MSA Models - New York

Kat Torres body measurements:


What is Kat Torres's dress size?


What is Kat Torres's shoe size?


Short Biography

Kat Torres is a Brazilian model known internationally for her career in various countries and for her activism on behalf of the environment. At 21, the Brazilian has lived in Lisbon, Milan, Paris, Barcelona and currently resides in New York, where she studied Performing Arts and is preparing for the world of entertainment at the renowned studio of Susan Betson, which has trained many international actresses. Kat was born in Belém do Pará, and is proud to devote part of her life to the protection of animals, by joining the NGOs, making donations and lending her image and signature.