What is Kate Campbell's middle name?


What is Kate Campbell's full name?

Katherine Leigh Campbell

Kate Campbell nickname(s):

Katherine Leigh Campbell

Kate Campbell date of birth:

March 12, 1986

How old is Kate Campbell?


Where was Kate Campbell born?

Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Kate Campbell body shape:


What color are Kate Campbell's eyes?


What color is Kate Campbell's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Kate Campbell gay or straight?


What is Kate Campbell's ethnicity?


What is Kate Campbell nationality?


Where did Kate Campbell go to university?

The Center for Skilled Trades Women in Skilled Trades Program

What is Kate Campbell's occupation?

TV Host, General Contractor

Kate Campbell claim to fame:

Deck Wars (2011-2012), Holmes On Homes, Custom Built

Kate Campbell agent:

Ambition Talent, Inc (Toronto)

Kate Campbell commercials and brand endorsements:

CertainTeed insulation Brand Ambassador (2015), Trex Decking Inc (2016), SnapClip Systems (2016), Drain-FX (2013)

Short Biography

Kate Campbell got into the skilled trades in 2005. Kate took a "Women In Skilled Trades" (WIST) course which introduced her to carpentry, electrical, plumbing, finish carpentry and several other trades. Kate has always known that she wanted a career where she could stay active - a career that was constantly challenging her. Well... she found one! Kate has been working in the television and renovation industry for ten years and has been taught by some of the Canada's top renovators. She can be seen as part of the crew for HGTV’s "Holmes On Homes", "Holmes in New Orleans", "Holmes Inspection" and assisting the final contestants as a part of "Handyman Superstar Challenge". While working with these shows she was faced with many challenges and was also exposed to every aspect of home renovation and building. She was personally involved in building two homes and helped out with countless renovations. She’s worked with the best designers, best builders and the most cutting edge building materials. Kate Campbell has recently been featured as one of the crew in HGTV’s hit shows "Decked Out" and “Disaster Decks” where she helps build some of the most interesting and unique decks out there. Kate was also one of the cast members of "Deck Wars" where contestants compete against each other to see who can build the better deck with the assistance of Kate and the crew of Decked Out (Dave, Joey and Host Paul Lafrance). Kate is now one of the hosts on HGTV’s “Custom Built” which combines Kate’s skills from her early renovating days and her creative, fun attitude from building on Decked Out. After ten years on HGTV Kate’s career has now come full circle. When she’s not working with the show, Kate also runs her own renovation company - KateBuilds Inc. Her company specializes in small renovations and custom carpentry (built in cabinetry, custom casing/crown, wainscoting, kitchen and bathroom renovations). Kate has also successfully flipped several houses of her own. Kate is extremely passionate about speaking to young women who are considering entering the trades. Kate is focused on “changing the face” of the skilled trades and ESPECIALLY passionate about being an advocate for women and supporting causes that are important to her. Kate also believes in giving back and has most recently involved herself with a Canadian clean water charity working in Africa called WaterAid Canada. Kate and her husband Dave climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with Watercan (now WaterAid) in March of 2014 to raise money and promote the charity. They hope to continue working with charities like WaterAid who are making a positive difference in the world.