Lucio Dalla date of birth:

March 4, 1943

How old was Lucio Dalla when died?


Where was Lucio Dalla born?

Bologna, Italy

When did Lucio Dalla die?

March 1, 2012

Where did Lucio Dalla die?

Montreux, Switzerland

Why did Lucio Dalla die?


Lucio Dalla body shape:


What color are Lucio Dalla's eyes?

Brown - Light

What color is Lucio Dalla's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Lucio Dalla gay or straight?


What is Lucio Dalla's ethnicity?


What is Lucio Dalla nationality?


What is Lucio Dalla's occupation?

Singer, songwriter

What instruments does Lucio Dalla play?


Lucio Dalla friends:

Gianni Morandi

Who has Lucio Dalla worked with?

Gianni Morandi

Lucio Dalla favorite place(s)?

Bologna Sorrento

Short Biography

Lucio Dalla, OMRI (4 March 1943 – 1 March 2012) was a popular Italian singer-songwriter, musician and actor. He also played clarinet and keyboards.