Maria Ramos nickname(s):

Maria Ramos

Maria Ramos date of birth:

February 22, 1959

How old is Maria Ramos?


Where was Maria Ramos born?

Lisbon, Portugal

Maria Ramos body shape:


What color are Maria Ramos's eyes?


What color is Maria Ramos's hair?


Is Maria Ramos gay or straight?


What is Maria Ramos's ethnicity?


What is Maria Ramos nationality?

South African

Where did Maria Ramos go to university?

University of London , University of the Witwatersrand

What is Maria Ramos's occupation?

Business person

Short Biography

Maria Ramos is the Chief Executive Officer of Barclays Africa Group Limited. Prior to joining Absa as Group Chief Executive in March 2009, she was the Group Chief Executive of Transnet Ltd. This was after successfully serving as Director-General of the National Treasury.