What is Ninón Sevilla's full name?

Emelia Pérez Castellanos

Ninón Sevilla nickname(s):

Emelia Pérez Castellanos

Ninón Sevilla date of birth:

November 10, 1921

How old was Ninón Sevilla when died?


Where was Ninón Sevilla born?

La Habana, Cuba

When did Ninón Sevilla die?

January 1, 2015

What is Ninón Sevilla's ethnicity?


What is Ninón Sevilla nationality?


What is Ninón Sevilla's occupation?

Actress, dancer and singer

Short Biography

Emelia Pérez Castellanos (Havana, Cuba, 10 November 1921 – Mexico City, 1 January 2015), better known as Ninón Sevilla, was a Cuban-born Mexican film actress and dancer who was active during the golden age of Mexican cinema. She was considered one of the greatest exponents of the Rumberas film in the 1940s and 1950s.