Patrick Burns date of birth:

September 29, 1968

How old is Patrick Burns?


Where was Patrick Burns born?

Highland Park, Illinois

How tall is Patrick Burns?

5' 11½" (182 cm)

Patrick Burns body shape:


What color is Patrick Burns's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Patrick Burns gay or straight?


What is Patrick Burns's ethnicity?


What is Patrick Burns nationality?


What is Patrick Burns's occupation?

Television presenter Paranormal Investigator, professional lecturer

Patrick Burns claim to fame:

Haunting Evidence

Short Biography

Patrick Burns (born 1968) is an American paranormal investigator, best known as star of the TruTV (formerly Court TV) series Haunting Evidence. He is the founder of the popular website Ghost Hounds, which in 2001 was featured in an Emmy award-winning Turner documentary "Interact Atlanta - 'Ghost Hounds' ". Burns is also the organizer and director of Ghostock, paranormal enthusiast events held at various locations across the USA, and is a professional photographer through Patrick Burns Photography.