Paula Goodspeed date of birth:

July 4, 1978

How old was Paula Goodspeed when died?


Where was Paula Goodspeed born?

Waterville, USA

When did Paula Goodspeed die?

November 11, 2008

Why did Paula Goodspeed die?

Committed Suicide Via A Drug Overdose

What is Paula Goodspeed's occupation?


Paula Goodspeed claim to fame:

American Idol.

Short Biography

Paula Goodspeed (July 4, 1978 – November 11, 2008) was an American reality TV show contestant and singer best known for her season 5 audition on American Idol. She was known for being a huge fan of singer and American Idol judge Paula Abdul, so much so she changed her first name to Paula at the age of 16 and modeled her singing career and wardrobe after her.