Peggy McKim date of birth:


How old is Peggy McKim?


Where was Peggy McKim born?

Seattle, Washington, USA

What is Peggy McKim nationality?


What is Peggy McKim's occupation?


Peggy McKim claim to fame:

The youngest of the five acting McKim children

Peggy McKim brother(s):

David McKim (actor), Sammy McKim (actor), Harry McKim (actor)

Peggy McKim sister(s):

Lydia McKim (actress)

Short Biography

Date of Birth1932, Seattle, Washington, USA SpouseJack Pfening (1955 - present) 5 childrenTriviaContinued to act in small parts into college to help support herself but retired following marriage to an Air Force man.The youngest, Harry and Peggy, went to Hollywood Professional School during their junior high years.Their Welsh heritage helped Peggy, Lydia and Harry all get small parts in How Green Was My Valley (1941).The youngest of the five acting McKim children. Her sister and brothers were David McKim, Sammy McKim, Lydia McKim and Harry McKim.Began in extra and bit parts in 1937, but managed a few talking parts in her young career.