Rowland Brown date of birth:

November 6, 1900

How old was Rowland Brown when died?


Where was Rowland Brown born?

Canton, Ohio

When did Rowland Brown die?

May 6, 1963

Where did Rowland Brown die?

Costa Mesa, California, USA

Why did Rowland Brown die?

Natural Causes

Is Rowland Brown gay or straight?


What is Rowland Brown's ethnicity?


What is Rowland Brown nationality?


What is Rowland Brown's occupation?


Short Biography

Rowland Brown (November 6, 1900 – May 6, 1963), born Chauncey Rowland Brown in Canton, Ohio, was an American screenwriter and film director, whose career as a director ended in the early 1930s after he started many more films than he finished. He walked out of State's Attorney (1932), starring John Barrymore. He was abruptly replaced as director of The Scarlet Pimpernel. As a writer, he was credited with twenty or so films including two Academy Award nominations, one in the 11th Academy Awards for Best Original Story Angels with Dirty Faces and another in the 4th Academy Awards for Doorway to Hell.