Tex Williams nickname(s):

Tex Williams

Tex Williams date of birth:

August 23, 1917

How old was Tex Williams when died?


Where was Tex Williams born?

Ramsey, Illinois

When did Tex Williams die?

October 11, 1985

What is Tex Williams nationality?


What is Tex Williams's occupation?


What genre is Tex Williams's work?

Western swing, country

What instruments does Tex Williams play?

guitar, Harmonica

Short Biography

Sollie Paul "Tex" Williams (August 23, 1917 – October 11, 1985) was an American Western swing musician from Ramsey, Illinois. He is best known for his talking blues style; his biggest hit was the novelty song, "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)", which held the number one position on the Billboard charts for sixteen weeks in 1947. "Smoke" was the No. 5 song on Billboard's Top 100 list for 1947, and was No. 1 on the country chart that year. It can be heard during the opening credits of the 2006 movie Thank You for Smoking.