What is Roy Barcroft's full name?

Howard Clifford Ravenscroft

Roy Barcroft date of birth:

September 7, 1902

How old was Roy Barcroft when died?


Where was Roy Barcroft born?

Crab Orchard, Nebraska

When did Roy Barcroft die?

November 28, 1969

Where did Roy Barcroft die?

Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California

Why did Roy Barcroft die?


What is Roy Barcroft nationality?


What is Roy Barcroft's occupation?

Film, stage, television actor

Short Biography

Roy Barcroft (September 7, 1902 – November 28, 1969) was an American character actor famous for playing villains in B-Westerns and other genres. Noted film critic Leonard Maltin acclaimed Barcroft as "Republic Pictures' number one bad guy".